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We develop projects with a strategic vision 

We contribute to strategic thinking processes, at a business or tourism territory level. We align actions, objectives and purposes. We conduct sector or market studies which add value, guide and reduce uncertainty.

The main services in this area are:

  • Strategic development plans

    We develop tourism planning and development projects for destinations and territories, using agile and innovative methodologies based on collaboration and participation.

  • Technical or sectorial reports

    We offer academic, technical or sectorial knowledge, through the preparation of reports and studies at the client’s request, and research through primary and secondary sources. 

  • Marketing plans

    We develop marketing and communication strategies to improve the positioning and recognition of companies, places and tourist destinations.

  • Governance consultancy

    We believe in governance as one of the main pillars of tourism management. Therefore, we diagnose the current level and propose specific actions for improvement.

  • Product creation

    We contribute to the creation of new products and services. Based on sustainability criteria, we seek to strengthen the capacities of destinations and organizations.

  • Branding

    We create and build brands through a set of actions focused on enhancing the values ​​and attributes of a place or company, while improving its market position.

  • Market research

    We implement market research methodologies and analysis to assess opportunities and options for project development, and maximize the success of the initiatives.

  • Feasibility studies

    We undertake feasibility studies to assess the possibilities of success in the development of new projects in the tourism and leisure fields.

  • Business model analysis

    We contribute to the analysis and/or improvement of business models. Having a value proposition is necessary, but making sure that all the components of the model work, is essential. 

The Pyrenees and Lands of Lleida Strategic Tourism Plan
The Pyrenees and Lands of Lleida Strategic Tourism Plan
A plan based on the destination’s tourism diagnosis updated in the post-covid era, and the dinamism of the tourism sector for the 2023-2026 period.
Baix Empordà Region Sustainable Tourism Plan
Baix Empordà Region Sustainable Tourism Plan
A planning strategy based on the participation, collaboration and co-responsibility of the region tourism agents for the period 2023-2025.
Tourism Development Plan for Maresme Region
Tourism Development Plan for Maresme Region
A plan based on the needs and opportunities of the tourism sector in the region, and sets out the lines of work to be developed for the 2021-2030 horizon.
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